What if Halloween had been born in Spain? Can you imagine tattoos that glow on Halloween night?

At Tattootatu we think that in Spain we have imported all the elements of traditional Halloween, from pumpkins to bats, witches with hats and tattoos that shine in the dark. But what if this celebration, had been born in Spain?

The world is getting smaller and smaller, and countries are copying festivals and traditions from their neighbors. Some are rooted in different cultures and some are not, and it seems that Halloween is here to stay.

Although here we already have a Feast of All Saints with roasted chestnuts, nut markets and autumn coolness, it is a silent day, of remembrance for the dead. This is perhaps why Halloween is taking hold, as it has a playful element, that of dressing up, which turns the party into a more fun day for children.

At Tattootatu we want to give you 5 ideas to make your Halloween as fun and original as possible.

1-Glitter Tattoos

1-Glitter Tattoos

Undoubtedly, this first idea that we give you is something very original and “terrifying”. Glowing Tattoos give a lot of play at night events or children’s promotions, as they attract a lot of attention. With light, luminescent tattoos are invisible, allowing only the color design to be seen, but when it gets dark they shine with their own light, creating a unique effect with very fun possibilities.

2-Carved watermelons:

On the 31st it is tradition to decorate the house with pumpkins carved with terrifying faces. Why not do it with our favorite fruit? Here we leave you a video of how to empty a watermelon in one minute.

3- Metallic Tattoos

Metallic tattoos are ideal to combine with any costume or special clothing for the date. They are tattoos that shine and imitate metal and we are sure that they are the perfect complement to stand out at the scariest party of the year. At TattooTatu we offer you the possibility of customizing it to your liking and giving it the terrifying touch you want!

4-Tell jokes instead of ghost stories

Most of us find it a little ridiculous to watch a movie in which the dad tells a scary story with the flashlight pointed in his face. To make others laugh, the best thing is a good joke, one of those that goes out of context…


5-The most popular costume: The Coco

No witches with wasabi green faces or hockey masks. Our national nightmare was the bogeyman, a hairy and unpleasant being that made us sleep with the light on so it wouldn’t eat us. If you can’t decide on this year’s costume, this one is the most original.

Concluding the post, it is worth mentioning that the celebration of Halloween has been gaining popularity in recent decades, especially among young people. Halloween is already part of the Spanish scene, with its detractors and its followers, but always guaranteeing fun and scares for everyone.

We hope that our ideas have been useful and of course the tattoos for Halloween night have to be from TattooTatu, wherever Halloween comes from.

On the scariest night of the year our certified stickers are one less thing to worry about.

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