Stories behind a Tattoo: MOTHER’S LOVE

Today in stories behind a Tattoo we want to talk about the Mother’s Love tattoo. When we think of this tattoo we imagine a tough, sullen and possibly bald guy with very black and hairy eyebrows. But even the baddest were children, and no matter how many teeth they are missing, they have a heart that warms when they remember their mother.

The Mother’s Love tattoo is popular among convicts, sailors, quinqui movie stars and, in general, those who love their mothers. It is a so-called “safe” tattoo: unlike tattoos that represent our partner, a Game of Thrones character or some youth idol, with the Mother’s Love tattoo there is no risk of regretting it in the future.

There are tattoos that have a documented origin, but a mother’s love is older than the black thread. As lovers of (temporary) tattoos, we are convinced that the moment humanity discovered ink, they began to paint the thread black and get Mother’s Love tattoos. Then came Altamira, and hence the expression “more brutal than tattooing walls.”

This tattoo occurs in all cultures, not always in Spanish, thanks to the traditional affection that people profess for our parents. Throughout history there have been great figures who have proudly shown their maternal love tattoo: from Marco to Prince Charles of England, including Sean Connery, who has “Mom and Dad” tattooed.

The recent tattoo boom has led to countless variants emerging, among them “I already loved my mother before it was mainstream” or “Amor desmadre”, very popular in Ibiza. At Tattootatu we have been committed to maternal affection from the beginning and offer a traditional Mother’s Love design, ideal for giving on Mother’s Day or to make dad jealous. Don’t miss them, now with 20% more maternal love.

Stories behind a Tattoo

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