Solar Tattoos

With good weather comes short sleeves and beach days. In some places you can even fry eggs on the asphalt of the street, and since in our R&D department (Fun Ideas) we always think about the future of tattooing and eating a good fried egg, we present to you the novelty of this summer: Solar Tattoos.

Before explaining what the Solar Tattoo consists of, we want to remind you of the precautions to take when exposing yourself to the Sun for a prolonged period of time:

-Apply cream of an appropriate factor and regularly

-Continuously hydrate

-Do not bathe until six or seven hours after eating, depending on maternal demands.

-Have a beach bar nearby.

With this point clarified, we move on to explain the temporary tattoos that we have designed. The concept is very simple and the result is very fun:

1- Design the Tattoo:

You must think carefully about what design you want. Those with simple lines, such as tribal ones, give better results. Remember that you can combine them to create unique drawings or larger decorative patterns. We recommend, in a completely impartial and objective manner, ours from Tattootatu.

2- Apply the Decals:

After having benefited from our unique prices and immediate shipping, you must apply the temporary tattoos according to the pattern you have previously chosen.

3- Convert it into a Solar Tattoo:

Go outside, go to the beach, work in the garden or do any activity that highlights your tan. We recommend waiting 3 or 4 days and then removing the temporary tattoos with oil or alcohol. You will see that the area they covered will not be brown in contrast to the rest of the skin, so you will have a temporary tattoo for several months!!!

Tatuajes Solares

Do you need more excuse to sunbathe this summer? Create your Solar Tattoos and surprise us with your design by sending a photo to Twitter or Facebook. We will wait for you!

They trust Tattootatu

*Why 2-3 weeks? It is the time it takes for the tattoo layers to dry properly regardless of the quantity. Generally you can consider that an order will be delivered 3 Fridays after receiving the artwork.