Quality and Safety

Tattootatu has tested the quality of the materials and inks used in its temporary tattoos in independent laboratories. As a result, our children’s tattoos guarantee safe application on the skin and are approved for distribution as a cosmetic product and toy within the European territory.

Regulations affecting temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are considered toy and cosmetic within the European territory. A toy as it is a product mainly aimed at children, and a cosmetic product as it comes into contact with the skin. Therefore, tattoos must comply with a series of quality standards that guarantee their safety.

These are the rules and regulations that our products comply with:

Features of our tattoos

In addition to meeting the most demanding international standards, Tattootatu temporary tattoos are differentiated by the following:

They trust Tattootatu

*Why 2-3 weeks? It is the time it takes for the tattoo layers to dry properly regardless of the quantity. Generally you can consider that an order will be delivered 3 Fridays after receiving the artwork.