Ideas for using temporary tattoos

In this post you can find some ideas to use temporary tattoos, both personalized tattoos and those you will find on our website.

Food Companies

Tattootatu tattoos are manufactured in accordance with European regulations EN71 and European regulations for cosmetic products. The manufacturing of the tattoos and the inserting are carried out with materials suitable for food contact in an environment endorsed by ISO 9001 and AIB International in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Contact us to find out our special prices for long runs.


Stickers are a very fun detail at birthday parties. They can be a children’s gift or a way for each child to have their glass. A tattoo is the perfect way to make them forget that they wanted a pony…

Advertising and Public Relations Agencies

PR or advertising agencies can use temporary tattoos as a promotional tool, both at events and in BTL campaigns. The tattoos can be given by hand at fairs, conventions or street marketing actions. They are especially relevant in products intended for children.


A temporary tattoo is basically a transfer, and can be adhered to almost any support. We can use stickers to decorate notebooks, glasses or anything we can think of.

Beverage and Soft Drink Companies

Tattootatu offers the possibility of offering temporary tattoos on the outside of the product. Our onpack inserting system allows us to externally adhere the promotional tattoo on products that do not accept inpack elements. Contact us to find out our special prices for long runs.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Temporary tattoos for pharmacy are a good way to draw attention to skin diseases or sweeten a child’s treatment, for example. Many pharmacy brands use licenses that they can exploit in promotional elements external to the product. Contact us to find out our special prices for long runs.

Marketing Events, Fairs and Conferences

With a temporary tattoo or sticker your clients will walk your brand throughout the premises. The playful effect of a tattoo engages any audience and achieves greater involvement, acting as a differentiating element.

Licensed Tattoos

Children’s licenses are a guarantee of success, and we are experts in producing temporary tattoos with first-class licenses.


If Halloween or Carnival is approaching, get a tattoo. Actually, you’ll look great at any type of party with a temporary tattoo, and it’s always a fun way to break the ice. True story.

Sport teams

An excellent way to promote your club’s colors. A temporary cheek tattoo with your team’s crest is something any fan will want to wear.

Hospitals, consultations and other medical services

This use is very common in the US. Instead of having some candy to liven up the wait of patients, especially children, tattoos are given. Its unit price is lower than that of a lollipop for large quantities, and it lasts longer. Contact us to find out our special prices for long runs.

Corporate Logos

Do you want to promote your business? It is important to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition, and temporary tattoos are a special, economical and fun way to reach everyone. Make your clients ambassadors of your brand with tattoos from Tattootatu.

Political parties

Spread your political message. Stamp your ideals on the skin of your followers with our temporary tattoos for political parties. Tattoos are cheaper than t-shirts and caps, they attract more attention and are more environmentally responsible than, for example, a flyer.


A temporary tattoo is an ideal gift for children’s parties, bachelorette parties, weddings or any other event. They are fun, serve as an excuse to talk and make the party in general more special.


Increasingly, personalized tattoos are sold as a product in toy stores, accessory stores, department stores, etc. Temporary tattoos are in fashion, and if you have an idea to offer temporary tattoos in your stores, do not hesitate to contact us. We make envelope packs with any design you imagine.

Valentine’s Day

Tattootatu offers a wide assortment of tattoos for lovers. If you want something to make your day more special, give a Valentine’s Day tattoo. They are a lot of fun and you will have a great time!


The temporary tattoo is a summer product above all. The good weather invites us to show our skin and decorate it with a thousand colors. Every year Tattootatu’s dedicated employees test the heat resistance of our decals on the hottest beaches.

They trust Tattootatu

*Why 2-3 weeks? It is the time it takes for the tattoo layers to dry properly regardless of the quantity. Generally you can consider that an order will be delivered 3 Fridays after receiving the artwork.