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Shipping and Delivery Times

In this section we resolve questions about the time it takes to receive an order, the way in which the tattoos are presented, and the different shipping options.

If I place an order now, when will I receive it?

We normally release a run of temporary tattoos every Wednesday, so your tattoos will begin to be manufactured the following Wednesday after you place your order. Once we start, you will receive your order within a period of about 10 days. Exceptions may apply for large volume orders (millions!) or for tattoos with special effects or finishes (bagged, die-cut, etc.).

If you have an event in the next 2 weeks and want to make sure you will receive your order on time, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why does it take us 2-3 weeks to make temporary tattoos?

To achieve optimal quality, the different layers of tattoo ink and adhesive must dry properly, so this deadline is unavoidable. It is a physical imposition of production that does not depend on the number of units or the cost. Currently you'll find tattoos that are delivered in one or two days, but they are printed on a digital printer with inkjet inks. These inks still do not offer sufficient cosmetic guarantees, so at Tattootatu we continue to manufacture our temporary tattoos with offset inks.

What are the shipping options?

During the purchasing process you will be able to choose between several shipping options. If you have a transportation service you can pick up the order at our facilities and no charge will be applied. Otherwise, you can enter a delivery address and the platform will automatically calculate the shipping cost. Orders for Europe are delivered 24/48 hours after shipping (don't forget to add the 2 weeks of production).

How are the tattoos presented?

By default, tattoos are delivered cut individually to the requested size and in packages of 100 units with elastic bands. If you need a different presentation please contact us directly, the platform is only capable of calculating standard orders.

Are the tattoos delivered in single polybags?

Generally it is not necessary since the film protector they have is enough to prevent them from being damaged. Individual packaging generates unnecessary waste in many cases, and has an additional cost that is not usually competitive for small quantities.

As a general rule, singlepacking is necessary when tattoos are inserted into another product or when they are intended for sale in stores.

Temporary Tattoo Features

In this section we resolve questions about the quality and manufacturing options of our temporary tattoos.

How long do temporary tattoos last on the skin?

Our tattoos last up to 7 days in good condition depending on friction, size and where they are applied. They are water resistant, so once they are worn they will not go away with sweat, not in the pool, not in the shower, not even on a rainy day in March while you look out the window with a warm tea. To keep them looking good for longer, it is best to apply them on hairless areas and with dry, clean skin.

Are tattoos safe for the skin?

Safer than Chuck Norris' wallet. Tattootatu tattoos are formulated without nanoparticles, components of animal origin or perfuming agents. Our tattoos have been dermatologically tested and are manufactured following the European cosmetic standard. To know all our certificates and requirements you can visit the Quality section.

How are temporary tattoos applied?

Applying a sticker tattoo from Tattootatu is very easy. Remember that tattoos look reversed on paper. That is, you may not understand a phrase or a design very well, but when you have it on everything will make sense.

To apply the tattoo, remove the protector and place it on a dry, clean area of skin. It is best that there is no makeup, oil or other products on the skin, as they could affect the adhesion. The next step is to moisten the back with a little water. Make sure the water reaches all parts of the design, press for about 20 seconds and remove the paper. One way to know if it is applied correctly is to slide the paper instead of lifting it. If it slides without resistance it is ready! Let it dry a little so that it lasts longer in good condition.

How do you remove temporary tattoos?

In theory, the skin sheds every 20 or 30 days, so you will inevitably have them for a maximum of a month. If you get tired before, you can rub the design with 70º alcohol or makeup remover to remove it.

Do tattoos stain clothes?

In reality, a tattoo is a transfer that can be applied to any surface, so you could decorate notebooks, tablets or even your clothes. Unfortunately, if you put it in the washing machine, the tattoos will disappear without a trace.

Customizing tattoos

In this section we answer questions about custom-made temporary tattoos.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order for color or black and white tattoos is 50 units per model. For tattoos with special effects (luminescent, glitter, gold and silver), the minimum is 2,500 units.

Are there special prices for professionals?

Yes. Tattootatu works mainly with promotional agencies and event organizers, so it has rates for professionals. You can access them by creating a company account with your tax information.

What size can I make my custom tattoos?

We have a series of standard measurements that correspond to the size of the paper. Depending on the size you want to make your design, you will need to choose one of these standard measurements. The minimum standard size is 4x4cm, so if you want your design to be 2cm long, for example, it will come that size inside a 4x4cm paper. Several designs can be included on the same paper at no additional cost, because what determines the price is the size of the paper and not what is inside.

If you need the paper cut to a specific size, there is no problem since we can adapt 100% to your project. But if it is a few units, we recommend sticking to standard measurements whenever possible, since the cost is cheaper.

Can I receive samples before placing my order?

Before any production we send a digital proof in PDF so that you can give us your final approval. If you need to check the quality of the tattoos before placing an order, you can purchase generic samples here, you will receive them in one or two business days.

We can also manufacture physical samples of your design, but in this case it would cost a minimum order of 50 units and would take between 2 and 3 weeks to be delivered.

I can't find what I'm looking for

AI has not yet arrived at Tattootatu, on this website you will only be able to perform automatic calculations of the most standard options. However, we can offer tailored solutions that are not listed here. Do not hesitate to ask us what you are looking for, we will be happy to help you with your project, and we generally respond in less than 24 hours.

Special inks

In this section we answer questions about the effects that you can add to your personalized decals.

What is the minimum order for special tattoos?

Special effects go through a different manufacturing process, so the minimum order starts at 2,500 units. In this case it is not per model, you can add several models to this minimum.

What special inks can I add to my temporary tattoos?

The effects that we can print to make your tattoos stand out are luminescent (glow in the dark), glitter, gold and metallic silver. Silver metallic can be combined with CMYK to obtain any metallic color.

There are other types of effects that we do not offer: neon, citronella, flavors or foil/jewel. This is because the suppliers of these inks do not give sufficient guarantees about their cosmetic or pharmaceutical compliance at source, which is why we have decided not to include them in our catalog of options.

Packaging solutions

In this section we resolve doubts about bagging and the different packaging options. This section is under construction, please contact us directly to resolve your questions.

Prices and Rates

In this section we resolve questions about company rates, payment methods, payment conditions and finish prices.

Are there special prices for professionals?

Yes. Tattootatu works mainly with promotional agencies and event organizers, so it has rates for professionals. You can access them by creating a company account with your tax information.

Payment methods

Accepted payment methods are credit/debit card, Paypal and bank transfer. If you have decided to make the payment by bank transfer, you will receive the necessary information on the proforma invoice. We do not take cash on delivery.

Payment conditions

We operate like any online business, payment is made upon order confirmation. Once payment or transfer confirmation has been received, we will begin to manage your order.

How much do special finishes cost?

The solutions that can be calculated on this website are standard, but the possibilities of making a custom project are endless. We can micro-perforate or die-cut your tattoos, bag them, make printed cardboard envelopes, deliver them labeled with barcodes, on adhesive coupons... Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to standardize all these solutions, so we invite you to contact us if you need a tailored offer.

Tattoo Quality

In this section we resolve doubts about the safety of the tattoo, the regulations it must comply with and the tests it has passed.

Are temporary tattoos safe?

Yes. Tattootatu tattoos are formulated without nanoparticles, components of animal origin or perfuming agents. Our tattoos have been dermatologically tested and are manufactured following the European cosmetic standard. Visit the Quality page to see all our certificates.

Can boys and girls wear them?

Yes, from 3 years old. Tattootatu temporary tattoos comply with the European toy standard EN71-1-2-3-9 and have passed skin response tests with a high acceptability rating, the highest score available.

Are they vegan tattoos?

Our tattoos do not have components tested on animals or ingredients of animal origin.

Graphic Files

In this section we answer questions about how to prepare the files to print the tattoos.

Accepted formats files

You can send us your designs in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .tiff, .psd or .ai. The system allows you to place the order without adding a design, so if your file is very large you can add a download link in the comments or send it by separate email.

The ideal print file

The ideal file is an editable PDF at 300dpi in CMYK. We need 3mm of cutting margin on each side, and if the sheet has several designs inside, the separation should be at least 6mm between them.

Maximum print file weight

You can upload files up to 10MB. The system allows you to place the order without a design, so if your file is very large you can add a download link in the comments or send it by separate email.

Number of colors

The number of colors does not affect the price, so you can print in color or black and white without distinction.

Back printing

The back is printed in ink with instructions and legal texts. These texts are added by us, but you will be able to see them in the digital proof and approve them before launching the print.

White printing

We already know that the background of the tattoo is actually transparent and not white. Don't worry, the only thing that will transfer to the skin is the design.

Your design may have white areas. In that case, those areas will be printed white. It is also possible that we add white to some colored areas to give more luminosity to the colors. You can see all of this and validate it with the digital proof that we will send you. Here you can see the difference between a tattoo with white and one without white:

Changes, cancellations and refunds

In this section we resolve questions about how to modify or cancel an order.

Order changes

You will be able to make changes to your order until production begins. Depending on the change, additional costs may arise.

Order cancellation

You can cancel your order until you validate the printing test. If we have already done the printing test, the cost of canceling will be €37, otherwise there will be no cost.

Order returns

Due to the personalized nature of the product, temporary tattoos cannot be returned once manufactured unless there is a serious production defect. In this case, the option to reprint them or receive a refund will be offered within a maximum period of 14 days after the incident.

Order refunds

Any total or partial refund will be made using the same payment method and to the same account as the original order.

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*Why 2-3 weeks? It is the time it takes for the tattoo layers to dry properly regardless of the quantity. Generally you can consider that an order will be delivered 3 Fridays after receiving the artwork.